To continue ensuring we provide the safest and best care to patients, there are many factors to keep in mind when making decisions about the delivery of drug infusions. Sometime we can take for granted that starting an infusion pump means that a patient will instantly start to receive a drug at the programmed rate. This is not always the case.

During the delivery of an infusion, there are important considerations relate to how infusion pumps operate and the complex fluid dynamics of IV tubing setups. While you may be aware of these, they may not be explicitly taught in education curricula or training programs. Furthermore, they typically are invisible to the naked eye and when discussed, are often expressed using complex technical jargon. The content available on this site attempts to make the invisible visible by presenting these topics in a graphic, animated, and interactive way.

Medical professionals, including, but not limited to, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and engineers, medical device manufacturers, and quality and safety personnel are encouraged to view these modules as the content can be relevant to them all.

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